Faculty Lecture Series

    The St. Lawrence University Faculty Lecture Series allows our academic community to connect with interested students and come together to celebrate the excellence of our faculty and the intellectual liveliness of our campus. The series gives viewers the opportunity to take part in the St. Lawrence academic experience while being off campus. This allows us to showcase professors that students may someday take classes with and collaborate with for research. It also allows prospective students to engage with faculty in a way they haven’t been able to before.

    Each event begins with an introduction, there is a mini lecture by a faculty member and the program concludes with a Q&A to address any questions that viewers may have about St. Lawrence. Our topics will include:

    Let's Get Consensual: Trauma-Informed Communication Skills for Everyday Life with Professor Allie Rowland
    What is consensual communication? What does it have to do with trauma? Often consent and trauma are discussed in terms of sexual intimacy and sexual assault. This lecture will expand the relevance of consensual communication and trauma-informed communication, making the case that these skills are crucial for everyone, regardless of the context. (This talk includes concepts covered in Performance & Communication Arts courses.)

    Why should we care about biodiversity? with Professor Erika Barthelmess
    Biodiversity is "the sum total of life on earth." We are currently in the midst of what some call the 6th great extinction event in Earth's history and are losing species from the planet at about 1000 times faster than normal. All human beings rely on biodiversity for our existence. Here we will discuss the delightful diversity that makes up our planet, the ways in which biodiversity supports our health and happiness, and strategies for protecting biodiversity for future generations. (This talk includes concepts covered in Biology 101, Mammalogy, Forest Ecology, and Conservation Biology.) 

    Bacon and Bottles: Small Choices with Big Impacts with Professor Dave Murphy
    Climate change is impacting almost every facet of our life, from increasing storm frequency to droughts to floods to biodiversity loss and the list goes on. We all know that fossil fuels are the source of emissions that are causing the climate to change, but deep down we know we, as humans, are to blame. Population growth and consumer culture have combined to create a formidable Earth-destroying duo. But there is hope. Each of us has the power to change the world, one decision at a time, one day at a time. In this lecture, we will explore the ways in which plastic production and meat consumption are destroying the planet and what you can do to change it. (This talk related to content available across the environmental offerings at St. Lawrence.)

    If you have any questions about these events, please contact Lyndsay Malcomb.

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