Faculty Lecture Series

    Our online Faculty Lecture Series is a new initiative that allows our professors to connect with our prospective students and celebrate the intellectual liveliness of our campus. The fall series will provide a glimpse of the academic experience and conversations found in our classrooms while showcasing the scholarship of our faculty. For this series you’ll have the chance to hear from professors of biology, economics, and history, in addition to faculty that teach in our First Year Program. You'll have time to ask questions related to the lecture or any other questions you have related to St. Lawrence. We hope you and your family will join us to hear from professors with whom you may take classes and collaborate with on research, perhaps as early as your first year on campus! 

    Making a Vaccine in the Era of COVID-19
    Karin Heckman PhD, RD, Associate Professor of Biology & Co-Chair of the Pre-Health Program 
    Vaccines that protect against smallpox, polio, and measles have saved millions of lives and protected many people against debilitating and disfiguring disease.  But will a vaccine that targets the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 actually help us end the ongoing global pandemic?  Here we discuss how a vaccine is developed and works in the body, as well as the scientific and public health-related pros and cons of fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccines. This talk includes concepts covered in Immunology and Intro to Public Health classes.

    Sherlock Holmes and Social Media
    Jeff Maynes, PhD, Associate Professor & Chair of Philosophy, and Tina Tao, EdD, Coordinator of Academic Support
    How does the spread of news on social media lead to misunderstanding, fake news, and polarization? In this discussion, we will explore how information travels in social networks, and while drawing upon lessons learned from Sherlock Holmes, we will discuss how we can become more thoughtful consumers of information. In particular, we will look at how to spot bad science reporting.

    Africa: Myth vs Reality
    Matthew Carotenuto PhD, Professor of History & Coordinator of the Kenya Semester Program
    What do Taylor Swift and Melania Trump have in common? Hint—it is not their politics but perpetuating stereotypes about Africa…Popular portrayals of Africa even today are often clouded by myths and stereotypes. Images of untouched landscapes filled with wild animals, "tribal violence," and endemic disease dominate many everyday conversations about the continent. But how have these contemporary descriptions been historically produced? And who is responsible for their production? In this lecture we will analyze popular misconceptions and show how African innovation and perspectives are often silenced in contemporary global discourse about the world’s second largest continent. 

    Insurance and Your Grades
    Brian Chezum, PhD, Associate Professor of Economics & Coordinator of the Business in the Liberal Arts Program
    Have you ever wondered why the value of a new car falls so quickly when you drive it off the lot? Have you ever wondered why the government provides health insurance for the elderly? Have you ever wondered why car insurance companies care about your grades? Did you realize there is an intimate relationship between these questions? In this seminar, we will discuss how the information condition in each of these markets provides a common theme through which we may answer these questions.

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